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January 3, 2008

Progress Report – tiicoon

Filed under: Development — noblemaster @ 17:23

Development of tiicoon is fully underway! chanfan (*) is responsible for all the pretty stuff, while the king (**) is writing the code that eventually puts it all together – we’ll see. Thanks to chanfan’s efforts, it at least looks great so far!

Current tiicoon code progress: Total Lines of Code: 27922

Please note, that those 27922 lines of code do not include comments and line breaks. Including comments and line breaks, the total is about twice as much: ~56000 lines of code. Considering a book with about 50 lines of text per page, we are on page number 1120 and counting…

Aevum Obscurum in comparison is comprised of 58997 lines of code. The total page count comes to over 2000! Still half-way to go for tiicoon.

Current development screenshots (for upcoming version 0.6.0):
tiicoon Screenshot - Connecting the dots

tiicoon Screenshot - Main Isometric Map View

tiicoon Screenshot - Information Panel

* chanfan: Pixeljoint Profile
** king: AO Rating

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