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April 29, 2010

Noble Avatar on eCribbage

Filed under: Miscellaneous — noblemaster @ 14:45

We are proud to announce the integration of Noble Avatar into eCribbage (this actually happened a while ago). eCribbage is the largest, most comprehensive collection of free online cribbage games on the web. See below for a depiction of the winners podium after a game has ended.

If you like cribbage, definitely give the game a try. For the guys out there: the game also seems to be quite popular amongst the ladies!


Winner's Podium for eCribbage

April 28, 2010

Age of Conquest in Android Market

Filed under: Miscellaneous — noblemaster @ 09:19

Age of Conquest is doing pretty well in the Android Market. The Lite version has been downloaded over 200’000 times. That is actual very close to Noble Fart downloads with a little over 350’000. Conversion rate from Lite downloads to sales is a little under 10%.

Age of Conquest Ratings in Android Market

April 26, 2010

AoC III Splash Screen

Filed under: Development — noblemaster @ 09:43

I spent some time reworking the splash screen! Here we go…

Age of Conquest III - Splash Screen

April 23, 2010

Icons for Age of Conquest III

Filed under: Development — noblemaster @ 17:05

Icons for AoC III

I got some of the icons ready for Age of Conquest III. Sergey our artist is drawing all the graphics for the upcoming installment of the game. So far, he is doing an excellent job.

In regards to coding; I am currently porting Age of Conquest from iPod/iPhone to the iPad. I am creating an Universal Binary which can be run both on small as well as big screens. I noted there are only a “few” games for the iPad available so far (unless I am mistaken?). If I get Age of Conquest in there soon, it might get extra exposure. I also started doing some initial GUI work for the desktop release (Windows, Macintosh, Linux).

April 21, 2010

Visitor Statistics for Age of Conquest

Filed under: Development — noblemaster @ 09:44

The graph below denotes the visitor statistics for the domain for April 21, 2009 – April 20, 2010. Please note the increase around November/December time frame. The increase happens during the time the Droid phone is started to be sold in the United States.

Also note there is a higher number of users from Android devices who visited the site compared to iPhone users.

  • WinXP – 41%
  • Win7 – 17.2%
  • Android – 15.8%
  • WinVista -15.4%
  • MacOSX – 6.8%
  • iPhoneOS – 1.8%
  • Linux – 1.6%
  • Win2000 0.4%

Visitor Stats for Age of Conquest

April 19, 2010

Age of Conquest in Korean T-Store

Filed under: Business — noblemaster @ 10:30

Age of Conquest Ad (Korea)

Age of Conquest has been released in Korea for a little over a month. It appears both Age of Conquest Asia as well as Age of Conquest Europe have been well received with ratings of 4.4/5 and higher.

Age of Conquest is available in SKT’s T-Store. The game is published by JoyMoa. SKT is SKTelecom, one of South Korea’s major mobile telecommunication providers. SKT is in competition with KTF (Korea Telecom Freetel) to regain the market share it lost due to KTF releasing the iPhone in South Korea. SKT is focused on Android hand held devices.

Direct links to T-Store:

April 16, 2010

Vassalage (Age of Conquest)

Filed under: Development — noblemaster @ 12:26


I completed implementation of vassalage for Age of Conquest ONLINE on Android. A vassal is depicted with diagonal stripes:

  • Duke/Duchess: thick stripes
  • Count/Countess: thin stripes

Each empire can have one or more vassal. Each vassal can have exactly one liege. Vassals will pay 10% of their tax income to their liege. For the standard type game, goal points are assigned as follows:

  • Self: 1
  • Alliance points multiplier: 0.35
  • Liege (vassal master) points multiplier: 0.29
  • Direct vassal points multiplayer (level 1): 0.41
  • Indirect vassal points multiplayer (level 2): 1/2 * 0.41

This basically means, you will get the full points for the provinces that you own yourself. You will receive 35% of the points from the provinces your allies own. A vassal will receive 29% of the points from his/her liege. A liege will receive 41% of the points from the direct vassal and 20.5% for the vassal below.

April 14, 2010

Population Growth, Migration & Economy

Filed under: Development — noblemaster @ 10:23

Each turn, the following updates are applied to the ecosystem of Age of Conquest. Updates include population growth, population migration and economy changes.

    // population: constant growth
    for (int i = 0; i < provinceList.size(); i++) {
      Province province = provinceList.get(i);
      int population = province.getPopulation();
      long increasePercent = 8;
      long increase = population * increasePercent / 100
                                 * province.getEconomy() / Province.MAX_ECONOMY
                                 * (province.isTown() ? 125 : 100) / 100;
      population += increase;

    // population: migration
    List populations = new ArrayList();
    for (int i = 0; i < provinceList.size(); i++) {
      Province province = provinceList.get(i);
    for (int i = 0; i < provinceList.size(); i++) {
       Province province = provinceList.get(i);
       ProvinceList neighbors = province.getNeighbors();
       int population = populations.get(i);
       int neighborCount = neighbors.size();
       if (neighborCount > 0) {
        int migrationPercent = 15;
        int migrationPopulation = population * migrationPercent / 100 / neighborCount;
        for (int k = 0; k < neighborCount; k++) {
          Province neighbor = neighbors.get(k);
          neighbor.setPopulation(neighbor.getPopulation() + migrationPopulation);
          province.setPopulation(province.getPopulation() - migrationPopulation);

    // economy: changes depending on population size difference to economy difference
    for (int i = 0; i < provinceList.size(); i++) {
      Province province = provinceList.get(i);
      int economy = province.getEconomy();
      long increasePercent = 2;
      long increase = (province.getPopulation() - economy) * increasePercent / 100;
      economy += increase;

Please note that the code sample does not include all the variables as of yet.

April 13, 2010

Private Messaging

Filed under: Development — noblemaster @ 09:49

Private Messaging

Age of Conquest III is equipped with a private messaging system. Messages can be sent to any of the players of the game without them having to give away their email address. You can be notified of new messages by email if desired. In addition there is a friend list to manage friends and foes.

The new private messaging system will make it easier to organize games, organize clans & communities, get latest tournament updates, investigate cheaters and bother the game developer.

April 12, 2010

Profile Popup Window and Friend System

Filed under: Development — noblemaster @ 09:30

Profile Popup Window

Age of Conquest III will feature profile popup windows that display user information. The popup window will be made available by simply clicking on a username.

The popup window displays ratings, rankings and awards. Furthermore, it provides quick access to write private messages as well as adding and removing a contact from the personal friend list. The personal friend list can be utilized to invite people to a game or write bulk messages.

Still under development:

  • The profile picture will be replaced by an actual avatar image.
  • Awards will be added and depicted using medals/trophies.
  • [Report] button to report a user as possible cheater.
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