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December 7, 2010

Age of Conquest “Triggers”

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Custom Triggers

Custom Triggers

What are “triggers” are you probably asking yourself? Has he finally lost his mind? Not yet! Triggers are custom events that can be added to map scenarios. A trigger can either be shown at random or at a fixed turn. Triggers serve a game by providing “outside” events to a game, rather than everything being player generated.

The following triggers are currently available:

  • Announcement: to display announcements. You could for example create an announcement that will be shown at turn 2 to all players telling them to attack Rome.
  • Economy: you could say for turn 4, everyone will get an extra 17’000 gold in their treasury due to good economic time.
  • Plague: a plague has killed 87% of the human population at turn 5. Once a plague has hit, income will be reduced as less population will not be able to produce as much income.

There are currently no triggers defined in any scenario (to my knowledge?). If you are a map maker and would like to test the feature, open the map editor and fill in the corresponding fields in the “Trigger” tab. Hit test to see it live in action.

Please visit the MultiplayerHub Forums to discuss.

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