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November 21, 2013

Buying Ratings & Comments for Google Play, iTunes and Amazon

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Fake Reviews

Fake Reviews

Recently, Samsung has been fined for faking online comments. However the rabbit hole goes a lot deeper. It’s not only big companies that are able to buy ratings/comments. As a mobile developer I receive offers every two weeks in average. The offers are usually good for Android and iOS (sometimes Amazon).

Buying ratings/comments appears to be very affordable costing about $200 total for 50 ratings. I never bought comments/ratings for my games but given the amount of those emails I receive there must be plenty of buyers out there? If you see a lot of 5-star ratings/comments for games on Android or iOS and the game doesn’t look that hot, you know there is probably more at play?

Below are three emails that I received in my inbox (website/email hidden). The messages look rather spammy and some might as well be a scam (haven’t tried). I can provide emails and websites upon request. Contact me if you are interested in researching this further.

Sample 1


I’m Francis from AppRatings{HIDDEN}. I saw your app today in the google play store and I wanted to get in touch with you. I think your app is great, but your overall rating could use some help.

Having a higher user rating will increase your app’s ranking as well as convince more users to install your app. Our team can give any app up to 150 (5 star) ratings.

To get more information on us and what we do visit our site: http://{HIDDEN}

Or if you want you can message me directly.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Francis {HIDDEN}

Sample 2


Many developers have worked with me before and along the way I’ve been able to learn a lot about the Google Play Store / ITUNES & AMAZON.Without a doubt a wider audience can be reached and marketed to. I will work ravenously to make sure your app reaches its maximum potential. You can contact us on ratings@{HIDDEN}.com and admin@{HIDDEN}.com

On offer are many services concerning your app, if you are interested feel free to contact me.. We will help you increase your ratings for Google mobile apps and review with good comments from various mobile devices

Following are the rates for the ratings for this month:

_Our website is as follows -_http://{HIDDEN}.com/

For android apps__

25 ratings – 25 USD

25 ratings and 25 reviews- 50 USD***

This is applicable for free android apps. For paid android apps we charge 20% extra along with app fees.

For free IOS apps

10 reviews- 40 USD**

This is applicable for free IOS apps.

For amazon apps

10 reviews – 40 USD**

Mail us on ratings@{HIDDEN}.com and admin@{HIDDEN}.com before ordering.

Best Regards,


Sample 3

Dear Developers,

Do you have do you have a android app in Google play store?
Are you getting negative reviews?
Is it effecting your sales? Are you searching for ways to increase your app rating?

You don’t need to worry. We are here to help you increasing your app rating. We are professionals in providing android app reviews in Google play store. We can post upto 10,000 reviews on any app in Google play store
1. We can post reviews on any country restricted app in Google play store
2. All reviews will come from different locations
3. We can spread reviews for several days
4. We can even post reviews provided by you

If you want to make an order then please click on below banner

Testimonials about our service

Any questions please feel free to mail us at sales@{HIDDEN}.com

Best Regards
Skype : {HIDDEN}


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