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December 19, 2012

Competition Time!

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To all budding artists out there:  Do you fancy seeing your design brought to life, ingame?
Desert StormFront  production is in full swing now, and to celebrate, NobleMaster is offering the winner the chance to see their own design created and featured in  the game!
The sequel has shifted location from dense jungle and scattered archipelagos  to the  troubled Middle East.   The tropical oasis  replaced by the harsh barren deserts and wartorn townships, caught in the middle of the conflict.

Desert StormFront township

We’re asking you to design your own civilian building – it could be part of a township, a fortified structure or even a religious building.  The lucky winner will have their design modelled and rendered and put into the game, just like the images below. Not only that, you’ll get to see your name in the credits too!

Desert StormFront buildings

Images can be handdrawn or created on the computer.  And even created in isometric like these buildings!
Please send your images to  The closing date for this competition is March 31st.
Good luck and look out for future competitions!

December 15, 2012

Humvee Unit

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Humvee Unit - Desert StormFront

The Humvee makes a return in Desert StormFront.   We realised the Humvee unit did not play a large enough role in the original game, so decided to make the Humvee unit have the capability of capturing bases.  We hope this  will refine the gameplay – simply throwing a huge army of tanks at a base is no longer enough to capture it.

We went through a variety of different bodytypes before settling on this one and adding new details like bullbars and mirrors.

The Humvee has also been upgraded with a mounted 50cal machine gun, giving it more firepower and enabling it to become a fast attack vehicle.  I was personally very happy about this as it was my favourite unit, visually!

Like all the models in the game, they are designed to work well at small scale – the lines features are simplified and overscaled to make them more visible, almost toylike.

December 8, 2012

Artillery Unit – Desert Stormfront

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Artillery unit - Desert Stormfront

Here’s the new Artillery unit.  We decided to update the old Artillery vehicle as although based on some existing militery hardware, it looked slightly too much like some kind of medieval cannon.  Not such a bad thing, but maybe out of place! After some research we choose to base the  model on the M142 High Mobility Artillery rocket system, or HIMARS for those without the time to write much.

Hopefully the artillery will provide a more substantial role in the sequel, I felt it was pretty underused in the original.

December 5, 2012

New vehicle for Desert StormFront

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Support Vehicle (Desert Stormfront) NobleMaster

So here’s the first of the new units for Desert Stormfront. A new feature to DSF, this vehicle  can, or hopefully will =), be able to repair friendly units in close proximity.  It’s got a gun on top too, so will also be able to do some damage to the opposition at the same time ;)

We went through several choices before deciding to base this vehicle on the Cougar, produced by Force Protection (great name!).  The first version I modelled was the impressive Cougar HE, a 6 wheeled beast, but during the creation progress it became clear the vehicle was so long it’d have to be pretty small to fit inside the isometric floor tiles.  So I cut the middle out and welded the back end on in true chopshop style!