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September 13, 2016

Age of Conquest IV – Boot Loot Competition (2016)

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Starting October 1, we will hold our 1. Boot Loot Competition giving out a 1 Liter Glass Boot to the tournament winner. The tournament is open and FREE to enter for everyone.

Boot Loot Competition (2016)

Boot Loot Competition (2016)

The competition is played as single elimination tournament. Players are seeded based on their rating. Matches are played with a maximum of 32 players per game. The top player of each game advances to the next round. The prize is given out to the winner of the final round. The glass boot will have a custom engraving reflecting the tournament victory. A shipping address will have to be provided by the winner of the competition. We will do international shipping.

The tournament prize is sponsored by Petrikov Alexander (Petraa76). We thank him for his generous donation!

Tournament Map

Tournament Map

How to Join

  • Install: Age of Conquest IV (available on PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS)
  • Register and/or Login, then go to Multiplayer
  • Open the Longhaul room (daily turns).
  • Join the Boot Loot 2016 competition (via Join a Game).

Tournament Setup

  • Map & Scenario: Medieval Europe, Tournament (32) Scenario
  • Setup: 24h/turn, WEGO-Fast, 40 turns max. per game.
  • Start Date: October 1, 2016

Rules & Regulations:

  • By signing up, you agree to the tournament setup as stated above (subject to change). Badmouthing other players in the tournament, including the eventual tournament winner, will get your account banned or disabled. If you don’t agree with the setup (we are the ones that set it up, not the players), don’t participate.
  • Game rules and regulations as available in the game’s manual (Help & Info section) are in effect unless stated otherwise.
  • Players that are found cheating, will be barred from winning the prize. Using multiple accounts is not permitted. Multiple people using the same device is not permitted. Contact the moderators team if you are living in a household sharing a single internet connection with other members that also participate in the tournament. The moderators team will make the final decision if you are allowed to participate or not. Participating without prior consent will get your account(s) disabled. The moderators’ decision cannot be challenged.
  • The tournament is currently limited to a maximum of 10000 players. If the tournament is full, we will either (a) add another tournament leg or (b) start the tournament early.
  • If there is a tie for 1. place in the final game, we will decide who will win the prize. If there is a tie for 1. place during qualification and elimination rounds, the system will place the player that is listed first in the standings table into the next round.
  • If we are experiencing technical problems or there is cheating going on, it is possible that some players will get a (slight) disadvantage. The tournament will not be altered for those players and the tournament will go on as if nothing had happened. Recourse will not be granted. Please enter your actions early if you can. For more serious problems, we reserve the right to re-setup the tournament and start from the beginning (or somewhere in-between).
  • The tournament winner has to provide a valid shipping address for delivery of the prize, a 1L Glass Boot. Failure to do so will make the prize go to the 2. place finisher and so on. If no one in the final round was willing or able to provide a valid shipping address, we will decided what to do with the prize. Please note, although we do international delivery, we cannot guarantee to ship to every single corner of the world. It might not be possible to ship the prize to war zones or remote locations such as Antarctica. Also, we cannot guarantee to have it arrive in one piece, although it should be properly packaged. If it is covered by shipping insurance, we will organize re-delivery. Both shipping costs and import tax will be pre-paid by us so you will receive the prize for free (unless import taxes cannot be covered by us).
  • Players that are not permitted to participate and/or receive the price, due to law and regulations in their location of residence, are excluded from the competition. Also, make sure to follow the minimum age requirements before downloading and playing the game.
  • Questions will be officially answered in the comment section below only.
  • If you encounter technical problems, post your problem(s) in the official forums. If you encounter bad language or believe some players are cheating, use the [Report] button in the game to notify the moderators team. Please supply screenshots and proper proof in writing. We reserve the right to ignore insufficient reports. Providing false reports can get your account closed.
  • Rules are subject to change. Please note, we will do all in our power to keep the tournament fair for everyone participating. However, it is possible that we have to change the rules in order to do so.
  • By signing up to the tournament, you agree to the rules as stated above. Any recourse to courts of law is excluded.

Please contact us if you are interested in sponsoring a tournament in the future. You will cover the prize plus shipping costs (international shipping). In return we can promote your company and/or website via Twitter, Facebook, blog and forums. We are open for negotiation. As a general reference, the prize as shown above is in the range of USD 100.- (prize + international shipping worst-case). Thank you :-D

Update for January 19, 2017: nudlesoup has won the tournament and sent us a picture of the prize.