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November 9, 2006

2.5.0 Online

Filed under: Development — noblemaster @ 22:57

I finally managed to upload version 2.5.0! I did a major graphics update (I hope I am not the only one seeing it as major?). You might also want to check the web site which has been completely redesigned:

I hope the new look is cool with everyone? I have to admit, I am little bit worried about players complaining about it as well as the whole payment feature that’s new. I have to say to my defense, that all current players have a full membership account already! Nobody signed up so far will have to pay a dime. There is a campain now although it’s only single-player and the AI is still pretty weak.

From my business-perspective, I hope somebody is willing to put down some money? I wonder how many weeks it takes until someone finally steps down and is willing to pay the full membership fee? After all, it’s not mandatory and it does not give much of an advantage compared to regular members. You can create single-and multiplayer games, that’s about it. If I get 5 players a month willing to pay the 1-year fee, it covers the hosting/monthly fees I am paying now! That would be cool! Also, no, I am not planning to add any more restrictions – I want to keep the basics free for everyone!

Another concern might be the security of that whole payment system. Not sure what to say, but I would be glad to open the code to interested parties, however, it’s rather large. And yes, it’s safe! Credit card information are sent encrypted all the way from client, to the AO server, to ProPay for settlement (RSA + triple-DES). Also, I am not logging/storing any credit card numbers, so whatever happens to the server, the data is just safe because I don’t have it (except the billing statement). And I even used two of my credit cards to test the system. Going through smooth ;-)


  1. But Chris,
    I already offerred to pay a full fee, even if you granted us pioneers a free membership.
    I looked for a place to pay you but haven’t found it yet. Where is it?
    I think you underestimate how many of us are ready to pay you.

    Comment by Pippo — November 10, 2006 @ 12:26

  2. You have to click on [Account] within the game. It displays your membership status and allows you to upgrade if you desire so. I had it disabled for a long time to test it out. Current players probably won’t notice it because of that. New players will be redirected to that panel if they try to play the campain or create a new multiplayer game!

    Comment by king — November 10, 2006 @ 12:38

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