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September 25, 2007

Version 2.6.9 – AO Game Info Service Added

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Game Information Service

Welcome to AO Release V 2.6.9! The game server has been enhanced with a game information service. Tournament and Longhaul game maps are now available via image URL ditto user signature service.

Game info map:
League Game - Sample Map
Sample map: 2007 AO League

Click on the in-game info link (in longhaul or tourney tab) to redirect your browser to the game info map:
Game Info Link

Two new game types:

– See All: A “Risk” like setup where all armies and kings are visible.
– Pacifism: Victory is not obtained my military means but diplomacy and Gold.

September 4, 2007

AO Darkness Tournament – Asia Map!

Filed under: Announcement,Development — noblemaster @ 17:33

Please join our first AO Darkness Tournament. Compete against fellow competitors for fame & glory.

AO Darkness Tournament Banner

Map: Asia
Start Date: January 7, 2008
Turn Time: 48h
Prize: Darkness T-Shirt & US $25

Asia Overview Map