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February 4, 2008

Aevum Obscurum Revenue for 2007

Filed under: Business — noblemaster @ 19:15

Let’s welcome the two participants in this blog entry: income and expenses. Turns out, Aevum Obscurum generated about US$2300 gross income in 2007. This includes both membership fees and advertisements where membership fees pose the majority (about 90%).

There wasn’t actually any profit being made. Game server costs run about US$120 per month. That includes a root server and web server. Also, 5% of the actual gross income includes fees imposed by the various financial institutions. Furthermore, some of the money (~US$150) has been given out as tournament prizes. Also not considered are software and graphics acquired as well advertisements paid.

Basically, the profit comes to US$0

Noble Master Games thanks all its players for the moral and financial support received during 2007. :-)