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June 17, 2009

Aevum Obscurum for iPhone and iPod Touch

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The single player version of Aevum Obscurum is finally available on the iPhone as well as iPod Touch. The game play is pretty much the same as for the Android version. There is one map featuring Europe including several scenarios from ancient to medieval Europe. No other maps yet.

Single player game play isn’t much fun in the long run, so the plan is to create a multiplayer version of the game for both the iPhone, iPod Touch as well as the Android OS. The multiplayer version will include private messaging as well as diplomacy very much alike to Aevum Obscurum on the desktop.

There are also plans to create additional maps featuring Asia/America.

For more information visit:

Aevum Obscurum for the iPhone and iPod Touch

PRESS RELEASE: Medieval Strategy Game for iPhone

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Honolulu, HI – June 16, 2009 — Noble Master Games releases their medieval strategy game Aevum Obscurum for Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch.

Aevum Obscurum a risk-like turn-based strategy game where you take the reigns of a budding empire and struggle for domination of the old continent. The iPhone version of the game offers single player game-play on a map featuring Europe. Six scenarios are available ranging from ancient to medieval Europe. The scenarios contain a total of over fifty empires to choose from including the Kingdom of England, Kingdom of France, Byzantine Empire, Sultanate of Egypt, Kingdom of Jerusalem, Celtic Tribes and Ancient Macedonia.

Aevum Obscurum is designed for strategy game enthusiasts. Future plans include the addition of other maps including Asia and the Americas. The integration of multiplayer capability is currently in development and is planned to be available towards the end of the year.

The full iPhone and iPod Touch application is available in the iTunes Store for US$4.99. A free “Lite” version can be downloaded for try out before purchase. Aevum Obscurum is also available on the G1 phone through the Android Market and for PC and Macintosh computers via download. The PC and Macintosh version features multiplayer game-play already. Download and information are available at