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September 28, 2009

Eclipse ICO and PNG Icon Files for Multiple Workspaces

Filed under: Development — noblemaster @ 14:24

For development on Eclipse using multiple workspaces, the following ICO and PNG files might come in handy.

2009-09-28 custom-eclipse-icons

The ZIP file listed below contains a set of Eclipse ICO and PNG files. You can use theĀ  Eclipse icons to identify your Eclipse workspace such as:

  • J = Java
  • C = C/C++
  • H = HTML/Web Development
  • O = Open Source Projects
  • F = File System
  • etc.

You can manage multiple Eclipse workspaces as follows. Edit the shortcut icon in the Quick Launch folder for each of your Eclipse shortcuts and set the path to your workspace in question:

    <ECLIPSE_DIR>/eclipse.exe -data c:\path\workspace1

Unfortunately, this will not allow you to replace the icon in the taskbar/application icon. However, there is a quick and dirty solution for that. If you would like to display the same icon in the taskbar, replace eclipse.png in your Eclipse installation folder: <ECLIPSE_DIR>/plugins/org.eclipse.sdk_3.4.1_xxx/eclipse.png. Please note you will need one Eclipse installation folder per icon. Alternatively, the more complex solution is to create a custom Eclipse product if having multiple nearly duplicate Eclipse folders is not feasible for you.

Download the ZIP file: Eclipse ICO and PNG Files

2009-09-28 custom-eclipse-ico-and-png-pack

Please note the procedure is very likly similar on Linux and Macintosh.


September 16, 2009

Multiplayer Game Reviews on the Multiplayer Hub

Filed under: Business — noblemaster @ 18:31

The Multiplayer Hub now features a review section for review of the newest multiplayer games out there. lucjan (Aevum Obscurum), will take over the game review section. lucjan will post a new review every 2 weeks whenever his time permits.

Multiplayer Hub – Review Section: