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February 25, 2010

Age of Conquest ONLINE (Android) is Live!

Filed under: Business,Development — noblemaster @ 20:30

Age of Conquest ONLINE has finally been released for Android phones. The game is compatible with all Android phones running Android OS 1.5 or higher. The game is available in the Android Market now!

The application and maps (currently Europe only) will be made available for free. You will need a paid subscription to join and create games. Games that have already been joined can be finished without the subscription.


  1. Multiplayer games with up to 50 players per game.
  2. Game turns ranging from 5 minutes to 28 days.
  3. We-Go multiplayer system allowing players to enter their orders simultaneously.
  4. Diplomacy including alliances, cease-fires and peace treaties.
  5. Various game options including random placement and god mode option.
  6. Option to make games private (password protected).
  7. Private messaging between players.
  8. Public game message board per game.
  9. Multiplayer ELO-based rating and ranking system.
  10. Chat lobby.
  11. No advertisements.