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December 15, 2012

Humvee Unit

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Humvee Unit - Desert StormFront

The Humvee makes a return in Desert StormFront.   We realised the Humvee unit did not play a large enough role in the original game, so decided to make the Humvee unit have the capability of capturing bases.  We hope this  will refine the gameplay – simply throwing a huge army of tanks at a base is no longer enough to capture it.

We went through a variety of different bodytypes before settling on this one and adding new details like bullbars and mirrors.

The Humvee has also been upgraded with a mounted 50cal machine gun, giving it more firepower and enabling it to become a fast attack vehicle.  I was personally very happy about this as it was my favourite unit, visually!

Like all the models in the game, they are designed to work well at small scale – the lines features are simplified and overscaled to make them more visible, almost toylike.

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